Seriously Stoked about Shelving!

I think I may have officially turned into that girl who “can’t stop talking about shelving”!  Shelving this, Shelving that, blah blah blah!

It’s true, I’m slightly obsessed.

But don’t worry I’m not going to talk about MY shelving, I’m going to share some photos of the ones that inspired me when we were deciding on what kind we wanted…including accessorizing them…or in my case “Liserizing” them. So not much chitter chatter from this girl today, just a post chocked full of glorious shelving photos. I’ve even linked the photos to their original sources so when you click on them you will get even more ideas! See! Now aren’t I helpful and thoughtful?


design sponge

the lettered cottage

house and home

effortless style

apartment therapy

apartment therapy

apartment therapy

I saved this inspirational photo till the very last because it’s a special one.

house and home

This beautiful shelving belongs to my dear friend Karyn, who inspires me in more ways than one! Her amazing hubby Brent built it for her birthday in 2007 and won them 2nd place in House and Home’s design contest. This was Brent’s first major build, and I’d say he pretty much knocked it out of the park!

I love browsing and getting ideas, but actually committing to one is the tricky part. I looked for a really long time before I made up my mind on what kind of shelving I wanted. I had this belief there was one more idea out there and if I stopped looking I would  miss it. In all  honesty that is just silly. Don’t be like me. Get  inspired, but for goodness sake make a decision!!

Two more quick thoughts.

1. If you live in a small house like I do, Apartment Therapy, in my opinion, has the best ideas for decorating small spaces.

2. If you can, do built-ins. Some people I know…without naming names….spent WAY too much time at Ikea trying to figure out how to make 4 Billy bookcases work to their advantage. Don’t do that. Those people were delusional and ended up wasting too much money on gas and crappy meatballs. Just trust me, built-ins, when made by someone you know, will give you more space and bang for your buck. Look at Brent, first major build , won a prize, got featured in House and Home, and did it all for $800. Tell that to whoever your begging for help, I’m positive they’ll run out to Home Depot immediately!

Unless of course you like Ikea’s meatballs, then I think you should go and debate those Billy bookcases for months!

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9 thoughts on “Seriously Stoked about Shelving!

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  2. It’s like shelving porn! Are you on pinterest? ….sooooo many ideas…….soo many builtins…… little time……I just love storage. I wish my husband ( the ahem carpenter) would be more cooperative.

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