Humble Pie a la Ikea

photo courtesy of Pinterest

Well it looks like I may have to serve myself up a piece of humble pie topped with a mound of Ikea meatballs.

In my post Seriously Stoked About Shelving I held a pretty strong stance that built-in shelving would always be a better bang for your buck than any store-bought shelving, and I mentioned something about Ikea and their Billy bookcases….then I said something about being delusional…wasting time….and crappy meatballs. Here’s a word from the wise:

Never take a swing at Ikea’s meatballs or their Billy bookcases. Trust me you’ll end up regretting it sooner or later.

Like for instance when you see an amazing example of the very thing you were arguing against. In my case it was specifically 4 Billy bookcases.

Then guess what I just happened to stumble upon?

A brilliant example of exactly 4 Billy bookcases made into built-ins by Centsational Girl. Dang it! My Ikea slam flung around like a boomerang and smacked me right in the back of my head. I hate when that happens.

See? Look how great her shelving is.

Photo Courtesy of Centsational Girl

If you click on the photo it will take you to her blog and you can see all the final pictures and then you can head on over to a previous post where she explains how they did it; for $400 in roughly 7 hours. Just as a comparison, our downstairs shelving which is made out of pine and slightly bigger also cost about $400 and surprisingly took roughly the same amount of time to build.

Okay, so I may have to eat my words a little, but in my defense when we were planning our shelving, Billy bookcases only came in 12″ depths, which I really didn’t want. Apparently, according to Ms Centsational, they now come in 15″, which is a way better depth to work with.

As long as I’m defending my position I’ll also add that our space wasn’t quite right for the Billys. Nothing is proportioned in this house so measuring and trying to make them fit would have been a mathematical nightmare. Ms Centsational had the perfect nook for her built-ins. The exact spot that I’m sure made her say badda bing badda boom when it was done…cause that’s what I would’ve said.

Seeing as I’m on a bit of a roll I should also point out how insane those nondescript, silly picture instructions, that come with all of their fine boxed furniture, make us…completely insane I tell you! Look Ikea, giving the little man a smile or frown with some “x’s” will not alleviate any frustration when we still have no clue what the heck  he is pointing at or which screw is suppose to go where. These type of instructions make my educated  husband wanna throw those puny Allen keys clear across the room.

So there you have it, three, well thought out, legitimate reasons that made us take the old fashion route of a trusty level, saw, hammer, and nails to make our fantabulous shelving.

Even though I really love this example and will probably go downstairs and immediately paint the back of mine because of how great hers turned out, we still would have chosen our real built-ins.

Ikea if your listening, you won’t hear from me again, I promise. I just watched one of your commercials and it brought a well deserved tear to my eye. Any company that takes that much time to emphasize the importance of family and being together, while selling a canvas slip covered couch surrounded by more baskets than you’d find at an exotic bazaar along with the best storage solutions on the planet, deserves to be cut a break…

…at least when it comes to their meatballs.

3 thoughts on “Humble Pie a la Ikea

  1. Hi Lisa! Every so often I read your blog– not sure how I found it originally– probably shannon :) Anyhow, this post made me laugh. I remember seeing Centsational Girl’s post on her billy built in’s and thought “I know for a FACT that it’s not as easy as you make it look!!” Because Doug and I did the same thing in our office– convert billy’s to built in’s. While we love they way we look now– it took forever! In the end Doug wasn’t overly thrilled with the quality and all the extra work we had to do for them to fit the space properly. Next time I think we’ll build them from scratch! Anyways, I think your blog is hilarious– and your home is beautiful!

    • Hi Elissa! Thanks so much for your kind words! That is so funny about the Billy built-ins…I was wondering the same thing! We’ve tried re-jigging lots of Ikea stuff in the past and it never seems to work out for us. I guess I’ll never be a successful Ikea hacker! If you ever do built-ins I would love to hear how it turns out for you.

  2. You are so funny, Lisa! But I’m not sure if that’s going to head off the lawsuit Ikea has against you LOL!
    I’m pretty sure my husband and I would do as you guys did just because when you’re working with your own stuff – it may get frustrating, but you have only yourself to get mad at. Not those little Ikea men!

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