Project MayHem

I have just entered myself into a personal challenge that will be referred to as “Project MayHem”.

May – for the month of May, and Hem  for “Eh-Hem! I’m writing here!”…which is what I’m going to say to my family over and over and over for the next 28 days, as I try to bang out a daily post.

They always seem to ask me their most thought provoking questions right in mid type. Which makes me all mad and huffy. So I made a fancy sign “Shhh…do not bug…MayHem” to hang around my neck door when I’m writing.

That should take care of it. Except now they’ll probably call me “MayHem” instead of “mom”.

Shoot! And I don’t have enough, letters, or patience to make a new sign!

What started out as a little unspoken challenge to myself – to write a post a day for one week – has now morphed into a month long commitment.

Crazy I know!

Let me explain…cause I’m sensing a lot of you are silently mouthing the word “what”? and making a twirly finger motion around your right temple. I don’t know for sure, I can’t see you.

Or can I?

Just to be on the safe side, you should probably quit it.

It’s okay, there isn’t anything wrong with me. I’m not sick or delusional or anything…well…maybe a little delusional.

Nah. I just really want to see if I can do it. It’s a lofty goal I know, but not unobtainable. The idea came from my blogging friend Dayle who writes: I shall be a toad. She bravely signed herself up for a blogathon! Yay Dayle! I told myself to stop being such a sissy and go sign up for it too, and I would have, had it not been closed for entries.

But I didn’t let myself off the hook. I’m going to do it anyway. I won’t win any word count awards or fancy blogging badges, but it will help me to lay off the video games and potato chips for a while. Man I can’t tell you what a waste of time both of those are!

With the volume of my writing about to greatly increase I also thought of  how overwhelming it can be to have a lot of words constantly being thrown in your face. I sure don’t like anything thrown in my face, let alone words, so I decided to change the look of my blog yet again! Now you can have a little preview along with an appealing picture to help you ease into the post and decide whether you even want those crazy words thrown at you.

I can’t promise my posts will always be fabulous, or of any consequence to you, and there is a good chance I’ll resort to writing about the cat….

We don’t own a cat.

…but I will promise to thank you for reading.


Let the MayHem begin.

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18 thoughts on “Project MayHem

    • Oh Thank-you Marni! I’m already having a freak out…thinking what have I gone and gotten myself into! I’m definitely going to need some inspiration…it would kind of stink to cope out right after I made my big announcement!

  1. Yay you!

    Last year, I totally copped out a few times and did nothing but post a few YouTube videos for my favorite songs :P

    I know you you can do it!!! We can do it! Go us! :-)

  2. Hurray – you guys are so inspiring! And I love the new format – way jazzy and cool! Lucky for you that you have tons of news going on — as you’re in the process of moving soon, right? That should provide tons and tons of well….interesting posts :)

    • Hey Anne Katherine…glad you like the new format…funky eh! I do have quite a bit going on so the timing is good for material…but maybe not for juggling tasks! You should do this too..I would love to daily read your poetry! Maybe next time…..?

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